A TOUCH OF GRACE The Jeff Buckley Tribute

The Jeff Buckleys Music Show with Alessio Franchini, the voice of Jeff Buckley, and the very Special Guest Gary Lucas, co-writer of Grace and Mojo Pin

„A Touch of GRACE – Jeff Buckleys Music Show“ is a multimedia live music show that involves the audience into an exciting journey around the magic career of Jeff Buckley, one of the greatest artists of modern music.





20 years after the release of Grace, Jeff Buckley is still considered one of the most important singer-songwriter in the nineties and, for many people, in all modern music. His too short career began in 1991 in New York and ended tragically with the artist's death in 1997, in Memphis. His talent, his ability in interpretation and his artistic fascination is still capturing an ever growing totally devoted fans. Grace got more than 3 million sold copies worldwide and many awards, becoming a real cult album in the music scene.

"A Touch of Grace The Jeff Buckley s Music Show" recalls the genesis of Grace album, which represented the real state of grace of Jeff Buckleys career. Video sets and live concert will bring the audience to relive all moments, situations and experiences that inspired the birth and choice of songs included in the album.

"A Touch of Grace" is the only show that stage the entire career of Jeff Buckley: songs written alone, those with the band, the covers, the prodigious collaboration with Gary Lucas and post
Grace compositions.
All songs are performed entirely live by Alessio Franchini, "the Italian voice of Jeff Buckley" (Rolling Stone, 2013), on vocal and guitar, and his band: Alessio Macchia on bass, Andy Paoli on guitar and Dario Arnone on drums. What's more, "A Touch of Grace

The Jeff Buckleys Music Show", is magically enhanced by the participation of Mr. Gary Lucas. Guitarrist, composer, producer and teacher of master classes, Gary Lucas is Grammy
nominated artist and described as "the best and most original guitarist in America"  by Rolling Stone and "legendary guitarist" by The Guardian. On the beginning of the nineties, Lucas was the pivotal figure of Buckleys New Yourk scene birth: he noticed Jeffs artistic magnetism after his fathers (Tim Buckley) tribute concert at St. Ann's Church in Brooklyn, wrote some of the most rilevant Jeffs songs and lived the most important years of Jeffs career (1991-1994). Gary Lucas is
the only real and direct witness of that period: he lived the artistic and cultural New York City humus that led the birth of songs like Grace and Mojo pin, which will alwais remain in history of the music.

The most common question is: "How did they meet?" Gary and Alessio met each other firstly in Paris, June the 3rd 2008, at the Hard Rock Café for "European" Jeff Buckely Tribute. At the concert there were two Special Guests: Mick Grondahl (Jeffs bass player) and Gary Lucas. Among the invited bands, Alessio Franchini was the only one having "Grace" in the setlist. Gary noticed Alessios performance. When he was in Italy for another Jeff Tribute, Gary asked to contact Alessio as a vocalist. That was the beginning of the collaboration between Gary Lucas and Alessio Fran-chini.

Since that show in Italy, they partecipated together to Jeff Buckleys concerts all over the world: the most important ones were the official tribute at the Knitting Factory, in New York, in 2011 and mainly at Paradiso, Amsterdam (the European temple of rock) together the Holland Metropole Orchestra, the jazz pop orchestra largest in the world  (Grammy Awarded 2016, 60 orchestral elements that have collaborated with the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Ennio Morricone) and with the direction of Steve Sidwell (teacher, former director of the ceremony opening of the recent
Olympic Games in London, vocal coach of artists such as Robbie Williams and Grammy Awards for the direction and  arrangement of "Beautiful" the musical about Carole King).

Gary has also included Alessio in his book Touched by Grace(about his time with Jeff Buckley) as Garys first choice as vocalist for Jeff Buckleys concerts and as the one who can scale the walls of these songs effortlessly and so sensitively”.
Gary Lucas and Alessio Franchini are together a duo able to revive the magic art of Jeff Buckley


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Beginn: 20:00 Uhr, Einlass: 19:00 Uhr


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